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NexStorm Screen Snapshot of UK Thunderstorms currently under observation

UK Thunderstorm Details from http://www.isleofwightweather.co.uk

Current UK Lightning and Thunderstorm activity

At the beginning of August 2014 we upgraded to an even faster dedicated server, with a faster data connection to improve our free service. If you have fun when you are watching, please feel free to make a small donation to help us keep StormVue and TSentry running.

We share our data with the Blitzortung community based lightning detection network

Data submitted from the Isle of Wight Weather station

Isle of Wight Weather Satellite Images

Satellite images received at the Isle of Wight Weather station

Compare our Satellite Images with our sferics data

TRAC Report of thunderstorms currently under observation

Key to types of lightning recorded
TRAC Thunderstorm Ranging and ACquisition sub process
Ranging A computational process used to determine strike locations
+ CG Positive cloud to ground strike
- CG Negative cloud to ground strike
+ IC Positive in cloud or intracloud strike
- IC Negative in cloud or intracloud strike
Analysis of recorded lightning and thunderstorm data across the United Kingdom

Click here to view data recorded from the Isle of Wight Weather station

Click the above image to view tabular data generated from the archived data files collected by our Astrogenic NexStorm Software. These tables are created automatically using  discharge V1.10 software written by DaniŽl van Os.

Join our TSentry Thunderstorm Alert List

Join our TSentry thunderstorm alert list

Astrogenic Systems StrikeStar EU lightning detection network

See our thunderstorm data at StrikeStar EU

The Isle of Wight Weather Station is a member of the StrikeStar EU community based lightning detection network. Data is uploaded to a central server, and triangulated with data from other members of the community to increase the accuracy of plotted data. Click on the logo above to see that data.

What are Sferics?

Atmospheric discharges.

We canít hear it without special equipment, but the planet almost continually sings with the sound of low-frequency radio signals that derive from lightning strikes. Because the signals are mostly trapped below the ionosphere, a reflective layer 55 miles above the ground, a suitable receiver can pick them up from thousands of miles away. They sound like twigs snapping or bacon frying. This weird-looking term for them, sferics, is just a respelled version of the last part of atmospherics. The abbreviation appeared around 1940, though the strange noises had first been heard by a German physicist, Heinrich Barkhausen, during World War I. Thereís a complete vocabulary of words to describe various types: tweeks come from lightning that is so far away that the high radio frequencies arrive before the low, resulting in a musical set of clicks and tweets; whistlers are slowly descending tones caused by a similar mechanism, but which acts on bursts of radio waves that travel from pole to pole along magnetic lines of force.


This lightning data is only approximate and should not be used for safety applications. Strike and storm locations indicated and alarm statuses are as accurate as possible, but may be erroneous and should not be used to safeguard personnel, equipment or data.

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