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Nodehill Meteorology Club

The Nodehill Meteorology Club was founded in 2003, and has met weekly ever since to learn about weather patterns affecting the UK, and make predictions for local weather using data collected by our own Weather Station.

The club has attracted substantial media interest, participating in a forecasting competition in 2004 with ITV`s Martyn Davies which was featured on Meridian Tonight and in the Isle of Wight County Press. Mr. Davies seemed impressed by our 70% forecasting success ratio. A visit to the Solent TV studios was also undertaken with a view to putting our weekly weather forecast on their website although ultimately this failed to materialise.

The Met Club has also been the subject of an article in the Times Educational Supplement examining how the activities of the club and our own weather data had been integrated into various aspects of the Curriculum, and highlighting our participation in the international GLOBE programme.

In 2006 we set up our own weather Blog not only to put our interactive forecasts on but also to act as a teaching resource for pupils studying the weather as part of the year 8 geography course. In addition we thought it would be good for people to send in photos of the weather each week and when they have been on holiday they can send in their pictures of famous landmarks with weather in the background. Classic pictures to date include the Niagara Falls with a rainbow in the background and a field full of poppies taken by one of our teachers which was featured on South Today last summer.

We would appreciate anyone wishing to contribute photographs or educational material to get in touch or simply just comment on how the site could be improved.

Summary of current weather conditions from Nodehill Middle School, Newport, Isle of Wight.

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Visit the take the weather with you blog.

Nodehill Middle School MET Club Weather data available to view online
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Due to the reorganisation of the Isle of Wight Education System, Nodehill Middle School is now closed, and no further updates will take place.

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